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Article V - Committees

Article V - Committees

Section 1: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Addison Public Library Board.  This committee shall meet as necessary to prepare issues to be presented to the full Board and/or to make emergency decisions on behalf of the Board when it is not possible to assemble a quorum of the Board.  This committee shall have no power other than emergency action or other powers that full Addison Public Library Board may delegate to it from time to time.

Section 2:  Standing Committees

For all standing committees, the Library Board of Trustees shall function as a committee of the whole. The standing committees shall be as follows:

  • Finance
  • Policies and Planning
  • Personnel

Section 3:  Special Committees

Special committees may be constituted for specific purposes as the business of the Board may require from time to time.

Section 4:  Appointment

The President of the Board shall appoint the chair of each committee and the members of each special committee.  Standing committees chairs shall be appointed no later than the regular meeting following the annual meeting of each fiscal year.  Vacancies on the committees shall be appointed also by the President.  Each committee member shall have one vote.

Section 5:  Powers

No committee shall have other than advisory powers unless, by suitable action of the Board, it is granted specific power to act.